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Version: 1.0.0


In experiments we have all the experiments which we created, and inside each experiments we have pipeline.

Components of the Experiments#

  • Active: it shows the experiment which are currently active and in which you are working on.

  • Archived: It shows the lists of the pipelines which you archived, which you don’t want or you can take backup from there if you didn’t delete it.

  • Create Experiment: from this you can create a new experiment

  • Compare Runs: this helps you to compare more than two pipelines from the same experiment.

  • Clone Run: this will help you to clone the pipeline for the similar type of use case so, that you don’t have to re-run the notebook and create a new pipeline.

  • Archive: this is the button which help you to archive the pipeline which you no longer want.

  • Refresh: this is the button which help you to refresh the page.